May 30, 2019

Tips to Fix the Most Common Washing Machine Issues

Ever notice mysterious holes and eyed your kitty? It might not be your furry friend – or your washer. Whether the challenge is clothes coming out suspiciously stained or smelly or an agitator that does not agitate, there are a number of things to check to make sure you using your own washer. Many of the frequent washer issues are what we gently call”operator error” To put it differently, it’s not your machine. But do not worry! We provide the best washer repair in Miami.

The experts at Academic Appliance Repair Services have identified the top five things people do wrong with their machines.

  • Overloading
  • Using too much detergent
  • Using the Incorrect type of detergent
  • Filling the washer
  • Not leveling the machine

Hover over or click on the image to see the suggestions!

PROBLEM 1: Overloading

WHY IT’S BAD: We’ve done it. Wedged a couple of extra things into the wash. You might think you’re saving money and time, but you might get handed a bill to get a repair: your clothing will not wash since there’s no space to circulate, and your machine can be damaged by the extra weight of wet clothes.

SOLUTION: Never fill your washer more than two-thirds full. And refer to your manual.

PROBLEM 2: Using too much detergent

WHY IT’S BAD: From the trade, we call this the”Brady Bunch Effect.” OK, not really. But this gives you a perfect example of what too much detergent will do: create suds. These cause a malfunction and can block a washer up. They can get trapped in your clothes and won’t rinse correctly.

SOLUTION: Less can be more. Consider using half the amount recommended on the bottle. Ramp it up gradually as you would like if your clothes aren’t coming out as clean.

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PROBLEM 3: Using the type of detergent

WHY IT’S BAD: If you have a high-efficiency washer, then you require high-efficiency detergent, interval. Why? The machines are made for loads that use a tumbling along with water , not agitating, washing cycle. Using regular detergent can result in over damaging your washer , possibly stopping the cycle and sudsing.

SOLUTION: Start looking for the high-efficiency (HE) emblem when you are buying detergent.

PROBLEM 4: Filling the washer erroneously

WHY IT’S BAD: When you’ve got a top-loader, you might be accustomed to filling the device with water, then adding the soap and lastly the garments. This was a hint of laundries past to prevent residue that could transfer to your clothes and accumulated on the drum. Now, that’s filling up the machine with water until you add the clothes could result in a load that is too small , possibly unbalancing the machine, and no problem.

SOLUTION: The appropriate order of things for top-loaders: clothes, water, soap. For front-loaders: If you’ve got a packet, then pop it into the drum, add the clothes and let’er ripoff. Put into the dispenser, add your clothes and then hit start.

PROBLEM 5: Using

SOLUTION: Place a level on top of the machine. Adjust the toes as required (did you know a lot of them screw down and up?) . Place a sheet of plywood under the entire machine if that does not do the trick.

Remember to ask your owner’s manual for information on how to correctly care for your appliance.

Go forth…and do your laundry correctly!

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